Michael Dresser

I'm a software engineer, currently working on Kubecost.

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dicelang - Code
Parser and evaluator for DnD-like dice rolls, e.g. "d20+1d4-1d6+3". Written in Rust. Try it out via WASM:

Teemo Tool - Code
Tracks live betting activity on the Salty Teemo stream to help make more informed bets by knowing live odds during betting windows. Runs fully local to the browser.

Teemo Tool (legacy) - Code
A Clojure project for tracking betting activity on the Salty Teemo stream. Includes a backend so users don't need to keep a browser tab opened. Deprecated to avoid hosting costs. Basis for the browser-only version. Project includes a crawler for the Riot API which was an excuse to learn more Clojure. Transducers are neat!

DM Dashboard - Code
I DMed a couple of DnD campaigns and had trouble keeping track of large fights. While not complete, this tool helped me keep track of turns and roll initiative for large numbers of monsters.

SchemeInterp - Code
I wanted to try writing an interpreter for Scheme in Go. It is incomplete, but was a fun exercise. I wasn't a fan of writing the interpreter in Go; I prefer a more expressive type system.

Betrayal at House on the Hill stat tracking - Code
I played several games of Betrayal at House on the Hill and found the physical stat trackers provided with the game to be poorly constructed and easy to lose your place with. This site provides a reliable way to track stats in a browser.

Elm Obama - Code
I wanted to try Elm while at a short hackathon and settled on creating a frontend for an old hackathon project I worked on with some college friends.

Personal Interests

I read a lot, mostly fantasy and science fiction. A few favorites being:

I like playing with programming languages as a user and designer. For my undergraduate thesis, I built a probabilitistic programming language.

I collect (and use!) all sorts of different fountain pens.

We have a long way to go, and there is time ahead for thought. It is something to have started.